Matters of taste 

Do you cliché?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As a much loved family member often declares, ‘In matters of taste there can be no debate.’ (Disclaimer: Not pertaining to interior decorating in which case there is indeed no debate, only decree). Being human we search for clues, yearn for meaning, purpose and beauty amongst the rocks and thorns of our everyday survival. In this age of information we forage for ideas to be absorbed - or rejected out of hand - considered, synthesized and then shaped and…

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So what do you do for a living? 

“So what do you do for a living?” That question. The one casually following the enquiry into your schooling. Until around four years ago I’d uneasily answer the former with whatever project I was busy with at the time. ‘I write music for film and television’ or ‘I’m finalising a licensing deal for an artist I work with.’ Truthful? Yes. Cryptic and mysterious? Check. What I ‘do’ masquerading (as one comes to accept in these situations) as what I ‘am’. 

Grandstanding, basically. 

Music. Not a sensible…

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My Police Record and how it came to this.  

Beethoven sonatas drifting up the staircase to my bedroom on school nights. Little Richard wailing at whoever was on the other side of the door. Elvis' soulful sobbing of 'Love me tender’.  

For me these seminal aural interventions were trails of crumbs leading to doors behind which lay secrets and mysteries. To enter was to submerge myself in the discovery of how this magic worked, becoming a musician. 

I'm far from an obsessively curious music adventurer and as a professional musician I am often…

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A state of emergency 

I had a visit from Dan Heymann a month ago. He had come home from his adopted New York for family gathering in the Boland and needed to borrow a keyboard. Despite his pressing schedule we gravitated first towards the fridge for a beer and then as our conversation swung to music we edged toward the living room piano. What followed was a masterclass on some of the ingredients which give South African music its flavour. Dan is a very special musician and songwriter who penned the ‘unoffical South African…

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